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A Non-Fiction Enthusiast, who also loves the Classics! I am now Searching for and Reviewing books that are highly Coveted, or that would like to be!

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Welcome Avid Readers and Authors!

Do you love reading great books, but are having a hard time to find a book that will keep you captivated? Well, this website is for you! I love reading probably as much as you do and just as much, I love writing reviews on the material I read. I also attach an extended version of my review on YouTube. Each Month I will choose 3 - 4 books to feature on my "Recommended Reads" list. Each link can get you connected with the Author's Social Media outlets and Website if you love their stuff! 

If you are an Author, this site is for you as well! You've published your book, now it's time to get those Avid Readers reading it! Reviews can help support and better enhance the reading audience. My services are free, and if I like your book, it will be featured in my next "Recommended Books" list! Get to know me a little better by checking out my last reviews!

Read Good, Read Now.   Write Good, Write Now.

A Little About Me

As a young Christian woman, truth is to be displayed in every aspect of my life. I believe my outlook and opinions are  tailored in such a way that my heart agrees with what I read and what I say. Seeking knowledge and   gaining wisdom  will lead a person to the truth.


KJV John 14:6 " Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me"

This is a Non-Funded Hobby

Do know, NONE of my Reviews are paid Reviews. I do not believe in skewing Judgement. However, if you appreciate my work, and have benefited from my efforts, feel free to support those deeds by donation! Thank-you kindly! 

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