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The Introvert Advantage : How To Thrive in an Extrovert World

by Marti Olsen Laney

As an Extroverted individual, I admire the Introvert. Their cunning observations of beauty, attention to detail

and in depth thoughts, have always intrigued me. Their mysticism always made me want to explore an

introverted version of my self. In lo of this desire, I picked up this book and read with great attention.

This book has help me to understand and identify the introverts in my personal, social circles.

Before I got a chance to read

this author's writing, I was of the belief that all people were stimulated in the same way as my extroverted self.

After reading, I quickly began to understand why and what was important to an introverted person. Venturing on the side

of being an observer and not necessarily a speaker, my admiration for introverts has grown to a higher level.

If you happen to be discouraged in being a person who is introverted, this book is for you. Strategically

energize yourself and understand who and why you are the way you are. Be confident in your unique style of wisdom

and flourish in all your surroundings. Don't ever let it be said that "extroversion" is the way to success, because

in reality the "extroversion" cannot stand tall, without the "introversion" inside it all! You are the "backbones" in

our world!

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How To Analyze People

Michael Draper

In hopes to better analyze colleagues, friends, and family, it was to my surprise I came to better analyze myself after reading this book.  This was a good read to help understand the roles we partake in, while interacting with others. Also, the exercises within the book were uniquely designed to better establish a greater outlook on personal needs and help distinguish the needs of others.  If self-awareness and awareness of others is something you'd like to delve into, I highly recommend this book to you. I'm left in a position of improving my habits of interaction and what position I stand in respect to individuals I interact and communicate with.  A good first read to those who are into psychology. 

By Bruce Bryans

Men and women have never been more separated than in this era we are living in. Our basic behavioural patterns are misread and our communication is failing. Can women still attract men? Do women even know much about men? Well, regardless of the answers you gave to my questions, this book will fulfill those desires you may have when it comes to our endearing counterparts; men. Whether you are in an intimate relationship, a familial relationship or just friends, this book is key in helping women understand how a man feels about her, how he views her and help her eradicate any behaviours that are toxic to her relationships and friendships. Women have essentially forgotten where her "allure" and "power" really comes from...and it dwells in her femininity. Women, let's become proactive in making our husbands fall in love with us all over again! Single women, let's band together and touch our feminine vibes and be the most incredible women we can be! Let's understand men and share the proper outlook of them. They are a caring, loving, joyful and  lovely compliment to us as we can be to them! I highly recommend this book to our youthful ladies and all women who wish to pursue a good attitude towards men. Let's bring men and women back together so love can flourish. Women we have that ability!!! Let's do this!

Personal Productivity Secrets : by Maura Nevel Thomas

With many books out there claiming to help you to be more productive, this one seems to outshine them all. This Author caused me to have some breakthroughs in my personal life when it came to "Focus Management". Life can become relatively busy and managing ourselves and the distractions can be rather difficult. This book provides the reader with the realization of those distractions in their individual lives and equips them to strategically manage them and eliminate the unwanted ones. I highly recommend this book to those who would like to excel in their personal lives or in their careers. The drive and the motivation when reading this book comes naturally and this is a very key aspect into your future success! 

Maura's Twitter

The Rational Male - Rollo Tomassi

Hyper-gamy. The female imperative. Alpha male. Beta male. One-itis. LTR. SMV. 

If you cannot recognize any of these words or phrases, this book is for you. Suggested by one of my subscribers, (perhaps as a joke, since I'm a female) I decided to give this book a read. I was in shock about what it meant to be a woman. Rollo hits home on how to take control of your life and not allow women to control you. If there was a great understanding of who women are and what they do, (and why we do it)  it has been displayed in this book. Being a female, I reached many emotions while reading this Author's writing. I found it difficult to "accept" the negative behaviours women ( I ) do on a regular basis. While I became confounded with myself, I knew I couldn't allow the men around me be affected by what it meant to be "female"/ "woman". Since I was torn into two, I decidedly thought it was time to re-evaluate my life and actively try and suppress the nasty habits a woman can exhibit in her interactions with men. While I did embrace the positive aspects of the book such as plate theory and the likes, I found it very important to equip the men in my own life with the tools they need to "take control" of themselves and their life. (Mainly this book and suppression of my terrible behaviours)  While I am just one woman, I believe our society needs strong men who can lead and fulfill their duties to themselves  and avoid traps that women have laid out. It is of my belief that women are under their husband and that God made us as a help meet for a man. Any woman who enters a relationship/friendship with a man, should esteem him as honourable and should treat him with respect. While this is contrary to today's societal "norms" and would perhaps deem this book as misogynistic, women have veered completely off track as to what it means to be a woman. We are the submissive, passionate and loving type, (Or so I thought) but without "control" of ourselves and our innate biological build up per se, we are as vile as we come. Men are our leaders, and without good men in our lives who are strong, we follow our "chaotic" behaviours much more vigorously than from when we are being "tamed". In conclusion, I cannot recommend this book to the average woman, since I was broken by it, even though I thought to have been a "red pilled" woman. However, I recommend this book to young men, aged men, single men, married men and of course in general men. Society needs our great leading men back and to run our ships with perfect ease. Please be warned that this book is full of red pilling and sometimes you may want to pass out! However, continue on and regard Rollo's information as tools to better equip yourself from danger ; the female. 

Rollo Tomassi - Twitter

Month of June!

I'm Excited to Share This Month's Book's With You!!!! 

The Tactical Guide To Women : How Men  Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage

Shawn T. Smith 

I am quite delighted with this read!  This  is a book particularly geared toward men, however it is excellent at evoking self reflection for women. Men and women alike, are vulnerable in this world of dating and marriage. Unfortunately, men's circumstances of vulnerability are rarely expressed mainstream and consequently men are suffering in silence. This book is wonderful for men to better equip themselves positively, against the threat of the "unhealthy" and "dangerous" woman. Self focus, building and observation are key components to better preparing yourself in defense. This author has shared very good knowledge on how men can "manage risk" in pursuing a long lasting, loving relationship with a lovely woman. I highly recommend this book to young men who are single, men who are in relationships and also women who are capable of hearing the good truth that we are not the only "victims" in relationships and can actually be the perpetrators of hurtful acts towards men. 

The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse

Maria Emmerich

As a fellow "Ketoer", I was super excited about sharing this book with you! With ample amounts of recipes, even someone such as myself could benefit from this book. I loved how this author broke down exercise regimens, daily meal plans and how and what you should stock your cupboards and fridge with during your cleanse. The pictures are very bright, vibrant and clean. This is definitely a book to keep nearby for meal ideas, referencing advice and passing along to friends! I've been keto for 3 months and lost 35 lbs. I highly recommend this book to those who wish to lose weight, who need good decisive direction on how and what to eat and of course to those who are also doing the Ketogenic diet as well! Keto On! :)

Month of May! 

Controversial or Not So Controversial? That is the Question this Month!

My Good Life in France

Janine Marsh

As a country girl at heart, I was astounded to find this Author's book via twitter. Janine's fantastic writing captivated me through the duration of my read. As I read, it was as if I was immersed in her Good Life in France. Her pleasant neighbours, beautiful scenery and joyous endeavours left me wanting to visit her community. For those who love the countryside or love to travel to unique locations, this book is for you! At a time where life is losing old traditions and a sense of self, this book helped me remember just how much I love the life outside the city!


Lauren Southern

As a young woman in a very political world, I thought it'd be good to read a book considered to be "controversial". Lauren has done a tremendous job in discussing sensitive matters in a clear and compassionate way. She was able to pinpoint key issues with ease in spite of a backlash some may have. In my opinion, the truth in ALL matters is to be discussed and dissected. Short and sweetly, Lauren accomplished just those deeds! I recommend this book to the left and the right. Those who seek truth are not afraid to learn!

YouTube Link : Lauren Southern



Facebook Link : Janine Marsh

Twitter Link : @frenchjanine


"Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day?"

"Spring Into Action!"

This Season's Theme is All About Reflection. Inner Reflection and Outer Reflection. These Books are Great For Both!

by DeAnna Lorraine

Professional Relationship & Dating Coach

This author helped me improve my outlook on men and the relationships I have with them. DeAnna cleverly went into depth about societal pressures and standards each sex has and how in this time of life, we are struggling more than ever to find, let alone, keep love. Her honourable objective in this book is to rekindle the flames of passion and love, so both genders can succeed with one another! She helped to give me the tools I needed to overcome my problems in relationships. If you think you have love beat, or love has beat you, this book is for you! Come and join those who are interested in "Making Love Great Again". 

by Eric Berg


Do you feel fatigued constantly, or experience weight gain on a regular basis? Well, there are a factor of reasons why you may be feeling the way you do. Reading this book helped me better understand myself and what body type I am, of the 4 described in this book. Looking at the life of "weight loss" differently, I discovered hormone functionality(or non-functionality) directly relates to what we see on the outside of the body. I recommend this book to anyone who would like to regain energy, lose weight, gain confidence, acquire knowledge of what we are putting into our body's and how it actually affects us ALL differently! Catered to who YOU are and what YOU need, this book is for you!  

by Jason Fung


If you've been struggling with losing weight and just can't figure out where you are going wrong, this book is for you!

Don't fret, because the cards might have been stacked against you in this issue of "Weight".

This book helped me realize why I couldn't lose weight while exercising 5 days a week, and monitoring my calories was not helping.

Don't feel defeated and read this book to help you understand what's really ailing you!

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